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Full Throttle Training, Inc. | Norfolk, VA

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MEET Chad Stenzel

Sandler Training in Norfolk, VA

Chad Stenzel

Chad’s career which spans more than 20 years in sales, sales management and corporate training, serves him well in his role as a Sandler owner. He experienced the trials of training a sales force, the importance of implementing a selling system and the pitfalls of presenting to unqualified prospects. His accomplishments include turning retail-oriented companies into sales-minded forces and unintentional non-profits into cash flow triumphs.

Throughout his award-winning career, Chad studied countless sales practices, hoping to find a process that was successful and replicable for all salespeople and situations. He knew he struck gold when he was introduced to the Sandler Selling System. Sandler’s suite of products for business owners, professionals and frontline sales people are the perfect fit for Chad’s personal mission to help people and companies achieve peak performance.